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CAOS Gear – Nomad Awning

Designed to create a relaxing camping experience so you can enjoy the great outdoors

The Nomad 270 Premium Awning is designed so you can easily provide shade, rain protection and comfort to your campsite. It’s quick and simple. All it takes is one person and 90 seconds to install to you 2.1m of cover.

The NOMAD 270 Premium Awning attaches to the left-hand side of your car and is simple to transport.


  • 270+ – the “plus” comes from the dual-purpose forward awning/wall
  • 270+ Is Freestanding in light condition
  • NOMAD Awnings fit any height vehicle, although purpose-built with poles extending to 2.3m high for larger tyres and lift kits
  • An integrated pole rail system
  • The shade area is approx. 13sqm with a 2.1m wide coverage

*It is suggested that the awning be secured for any duration or permanent stay with poles and ropes supplied. After all, you never know when the wind is going to gust and extend past the 35Klm/h rating resulting in a damaged awning.

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