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Australia’s Centre is striking: “The stars are amazing,” says Nat Johnson, Gusto Global Industries.But tackling dust where water is scarce is challenging. So while bunkered down during lockdown, fellow traveller Nat Johnson created the Gusto Blower, an air-free blower that’s mounted to your van’s exterior for cleaning your camp, van and gear. “The best thing about the Gusto Blower is that it’s water free,” Nat explains. Nat sourced and tested strong, light UV stable materials, mastered easy-to-fit watertight side-mounted sealing and assessed effective filtration to realise his idea, without considering where else it could lead. Indeed, it was a colleague Chris Michel from Vision RV who saw how those same solutions could apply to a negative air pressure system–sending Nat back to the drawing board. “A lot of the problems we resolved with the Gusto Blower apply to the Gusto Dust Reduction System … without the Gusto Blower, the Gusto Dust Reduction System (DRS) wouldn’t be the award winning product we see today,” Nat says.

Not Just Dust

Indeed, on the back of his previous designs, Nat and his engineering team created the side-mounted dust reduction system within a year. For their troubles, Gusto Global Industries earned a Good Design Award Winner Accolade at the Australian Good Design Awards for the Gusto DRS, allowing caravan manufacturers to offer dust reduction without cutting into an RV’s ceiling. “With greater demand for roof space than ever before, the concept of fitting something through the side wall really appeals.” But the Gusto DRS also offers another advantage: safeguarding the van’s internal air quality wherever you’re travelling. “You could be driving along a coastal road or through farm land and later discover your interiors, bedding and upholstery coated with salt or pollen and have to deal with the ramifications hundreds of kilometres away. “So it’s not just keeping out the dust, it’s the pollen and the salt air, too. It can help the longevity of our vans.”

Smaller Vans Too

On- and off-road caravanners aren’t the only ones set to benefit from the new system, with the Gusto DRS Pro, a compact variant tailored for hybrid vans due for release mid-year. “A lot of travellers are towing these smaller vehicles into dustier terrains. So to develop a compact version for a 16ft hybrid van makes perfect sense … it ticks a lot more boxes, it’s lighter and smaller,” Nat explains. 
Watch this space.

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