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S2 Episode 4 On Air: Aug 26, 2023

Essential, Wonderland RV & DesignRV

In the fourth episode of the all-new season of Tough Tested, viewers are taken on an exciting journey into the world of caravanning. Hosted by What’s Up Downunder’s Craig “Macca” McGown, this episode showcases the intense competition between three top-of-the-line caravans: Wonderland RV Amaroo ATX, Essential C Class Semi Off-Road and DesignRV CRX 206 Extreme.

Set against the scenic backdrop of Berri Riverside Holiday Park, contestants face hardcore challenges on the Club 4×4 Insurance Mega Test Track, putting the caravans’ durability and performance to the ultimate test.

With exhilarating time trials, up-close insights from industry experts, and a reversing challenge challenge, the episode has it all.




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