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Off-Road Towing Tips: Safely Navigating Flex Tracks

If you love to adventure off-road like we do, you understand the thrill and challenges of conquering rugged terrains. But when it comes to towing off-road, the experience takes on a whole new level of complexity. Flex tracks, with their rippled surfaces and unpredictable obstacles, can be particularly demanding. This week’s tip & trick focuses on the ins and outs of traversing flex tracks while towing, ensuring a safe and successful off-road journey.

Tough Tested is a TV show that subjects caravans & camper trailers to accelerated torture testing to assess durability over a lifetime of off-road towing. Club 4X4 Insurance are the naming rights sponsor of Season 2, promoting safe off-road adventures through a series of towing tips.

So what is a flex track?

Flex tracks are off-road trails characterized by uneven terrain, inclines, declines, and various natural obstacles like rocks, tree roots, and ruts. These tracks test your vehicle’s suspension, traction, and driver skills. When towing, the challenges magnify, making preparation and strategy crucial.

A Diff-Lock Is A Handy Tool

Diff-locks, short for differential locks, play a pivotal role in navigating flex tracks. Engaging diff-locks ensures that all your wheels spin at the same speed, distributing power equally and improving traction. When towing on flex tracks, consider using diff-locks to maximize grip and stability, especially in tricky situations where a single wheel slipping could jeopardize your progress. Using a diff-lock also allows you to tackle the flex track at a steady pace, providing better traction so you don’t stress and use more throttle than you need.

Don’t Panic: Stop and Strategize

When confronted with a challenging flex track, the first rule is to avoid panic. Stopping and assessing the situation is key. Analyze the terrain, obstacles, and possible routes. Visualize your path and strategize the best way to navigate the track safely with your trailer in tow. Clear thinking and calculated decisions will lead to a smoother journey.

Prioritize Ground Clearance

Ground clearance is a pivotal factor when towing on flex tracks. Before heading off-road with a caravan, consider opting for larger tires and a suspension system that offers ample travel. Larger tires provide better clearance over obstacles, while a suspension system with increased travel helps maintain stability and minimizes the risk of bottoming out. Remember, maintaining sufficient ground clearance ensures your trailer’s undercarriage can come out the other side unscathed.

Choose Your Line Wisely

Similar to hill climbs, selecting the right line while traversing flex tracks can make or break your journey. Study the terrain ahead, anticipate obstacles, and pick a route that allows for smoother travel. Consider referencing techniques from our article on hill climbs to effectively visualize your path and execute your chosen line with confidence.

Evaluate the Necessity of Towing

Before embarking on a flex track with your trailer, evaluate whether it’s essential to take your trailer through it. If the track is exceptionally challenging or the trailer’s dimensions pose a risk, consider detaching it and towing it through separately, or even choosing an alternative route. Prioritizing safety and preventing unnecessary damage is paramount.

Navigating flex tracks while towing demands a blend of skill, preparation, and proper equipment. By understanding the nature of flex tracks, stopping to walk the line and properly evaluating the obstacle you’re about to tackle and strategically selecting your line, you can ensure a safe and successful off-road towing experience.

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