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Time Trial Vehicle:
GMSV Silverado LTZ

About GMSV Silverado LTZ


Our chosen vehicle for this years Time Trials is the very impressive and powerful GM Specialty Vehicles Chevy Silverado LTZ Premium. 

With Caravans getting bigger and heavier, especially the Offroad versions, we needed a tow vehicle that gave us all the power that we need and the strength to keep the Caravans and Campers on the track – and the LTZ is all that!

It is Hardworking. It’s Smart. It’s Bigger, yet lighter than the previous generation. Silverado LTZ Premium is built to get the job done right – every time.

Silverado LTZ Premium’s advanced 6.2L EcoTec3 V8 delivers the power you’d expect, need and want – and then some, doing so with the highly efficient 10-speed auto transmission and smart Dynamic Fuel Management.

From highway cruising to off-road adventure, just like we are putting it through on the 2022 Tough Tested event, you can count on any Silverado being up for it. And yes, the V8 rumble is included. And always remember #livebig #liveyourbiglife

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